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From: Doug McAvoy

My name is Doug McAvoy and I am the current president of the Nemesis Alumni Association. PHD-NSWC (Nemesis to us) recently acquired a brass model of the the Norton Sound from SPAWAR San Diego. This was the old NAVELEX organization that did topside measurements on antenna placements on a range they have at Point Loma. The model is about 12 feet long and has been nicely polished. Our alumni group has accepted the task to figure out how to make a protective display case for the model so it can be put out for viewing in one of the Nemesis buildings. We were wondering if any of your group were local and interested in helping us with this project? We will have some digital photos soon and will send them on for you to consider posting. The model is configured with the AEGIS phased arrays so it dates from the early 80s.

Doug McAvoy

Naming of Aegis Building in honor of CAPT Eric Washam
Monday, September 15th 2003, has been selected as the date to name the AEGIS Building at Wallops Island, VA in honor of Captain Eric Lee Washam, USN. The time of the ceremony has yet to be determined, but we are looking at 10 or 11 am.
In order to comply with current security requirements, we will need to know in advance if you want to attend.

Please send me or Ms. Jill Jester, EMAIL, your mailing address so that we can send you an invitation and RSVP card.

Please use our Command web page, listed below, for maps, driving instructions, etc.

We will keep you informed as plans develop.

Steven R. Habeger
Executive Director
Surface Combat Systems Center

From: Steven R. Habeger

From: Jerry Heidenreich

Some time ago an Email from a Mr. Becker in regard to the 35 men killed on the Curtiss, was forwarded to me. They were not buried at sea as his father claims. I was aboard the Curtiss a day after the hit. A Lt. Jones and three of us radar men from the USS Norton Sound went over to get spare parts as they were going to tow the Curtiss out. The bodies were on the seaplane deck and each was in a litter and each was covered with a flag. They were waiting for a small craft to transport them the Marine and Army burial detail in Okinawa. I don't remember Captain Custer holding us at an inspection when general quarters sounded. During that time we didn't have inspections what with being up all night at GQ and half the ship at standby stations- it was job to keep the ship operations going. I appreciate your keeping the memory of the USS Norton Sound going. At one time the association was a strong association. I have a couple of questions. Was the wheel and the anchor ever set in a park in Oxnard, CA? Do you know what happened to the association? I thought a group in Oxnard was going to carry on after Bob died. At one time the association even had small scholarships available for family members who won them by writing essays on given subjects. I enjoyed the reunions that I did go to. Most of all I enjoyed the correspondence from the association letting us know what was going on.

Keep up the good work.

Jerry Heidenreich 1944 to 1946 

Does anyone know where Jim Ford is? He was XO of the Sound '67 - '68.

From: George Lewis

From: Ken Stanis

Do to the lack of responses I have received for a Norton Sound reunion (20 to date in favor of one). It is not worthwhile to pursue a reunion at this time. To all of you who did respond thank you. I will try and give this a shot again in future.

I am a ships machinery historian and I would like to know if some one can send or email me photos, any plans/drawings (don't have to be machinery) or manuals for the Norton Sound or any other seaplane tenders machinery.

Thank you.

From: Tom Bates

From: Albert Becker 02/12/2003


Would like communicate with any Norton Sound radioman vet who might be able to provide me with info about the radio links and codenames used by the Norton Sound and other ships at Kerama Retto. I am particularly interested in finding out just what the "TBS" was, and if someone remembers what some of the codenames represented. I keep seeing references to "Tangent," "Academy," and "Bolo." The Curtiss was codenamed "Wiseman," I know, but that's about all the info I have. I also have copies of some comm logs from the USS Curtiss, from the date she was struck by a kamikaze on June 21, 1945. Veterans might be interested in knowing that the attack on the Curtiss--and the resulting casualties--might not have happened except for a communications foul-up from a radar picket ship that failed to report a sighting of a circling Japanese aircraft overhead just twenty minutes prior to the attack. Since the Curtiss was the area communications control ship, she should have been included in the list of addressees concerning any bogie report, but for some reason, this time she was not. The only warning came from visual sightings by Norton Sound lookouts some two minutes before the kamikaze hit. One can only wonder what might have happened had the Curtiss had those extra twenty minutes to prepare for any attack.
Thanks, and have a great day.

Just wanted to let you know that if any of your crewmates are interested, (and if they didn't already know this info!) that there is still in existence an actual PBM -5A. It is the only one in existence, and is currently located at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona, where they are in the process of restoring the aircraft. They are looking for any photos of the interior of the PBM to check their restoration, so any of you who have such pix might want to consider contacting them. I don't have their e-mail address right handy, but if you are interested, e-mail me back, HERE and I will be happy to get that info for you.
Thanks, and keep up the good work!

From: Albert Becker 02/11/2003

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