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World War 2 War Paint

Norton Sound as she appeared during World War II with her camouflaged paint scheme.  As built Norton Sound was well armed with four 5 inch guns, twenty 40 mm anti-aircraft guns, and eight 20 mm anti-aircraft guns.  Her wartime crew was four times bigger then in 1983 with over 1200 personnel.


Norton Sound's appearance in 1967 after the Typhon radar system was removed but before the AEGIS SPY-1A radar system.

Navy Needs U

World War 2

During World War II, Norton Sound's cranes were used to lift PBM Mariner seaplanes onto the broad fantail for servicing.  The broad fantail, combined with Norton Sound's large size is what made her attractive for conversion to a guided missile test ship.

1967 1
1967 2
Norton Sound's appearance while testing the Typhon radar system.  The system was cancelled in 1967.

Norton Sound as she appeared in 1983.  The cranes and guns have all long since been removed.  Only deactivated magazines, armored doors, and old blueprints remain to attest to Norton Sound's glorious past as a true warship and veteran of World War II.


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