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Capt Gordon Paie Chung-Hoon

DOD - July, 1979

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Rear Admiral Gordon Paiea Chung-Hoon was honored for conspicuous gallantry and extraordinary heroism as commander of the destroyer USS Sigsbee during two battles in the spring of 1945.

     During the spring of 1945 the Sigsbee helped shoot down 20 Japanese fighters while screening a carrier strike force off Kyushu.

     On April 14, 1945 the Sigsbee suffered a crippling kamikaze strike while on radar picket duty off Okinawa. The destroyer's port engine and steering control were disabled. Rather than order an evacuation, Chung-Hoon rallied his men to maintain highly effective anti-aircraft fire while performing repairs to enable the ship to limp to port.

     Gordon P. Chung-Hoon was born fourth of five children on July 25, 1910 in Honolulu, Hawaii. While a midshipman at the Naval Academy he played football on the team that ended an 11-year drought against Army. Chung-Hoon graduated in 1934. At the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Lieutenant Chung-Hoon was attached to the USS Arizona. Chung-Hoon commanded the Sigsbee from May 1944 to October 1945. Rear Admiral Chung-Hoon retired from the Navy in 1959 and was appointed by Hawaii's first elected governor to serve as director of the state Department of Agriculture. Gordon P. Chung-Hoon died in July 1979.

     An Aegis guided missile destroyer named in Chung-Hoon's honor was commissioned on January 11, 2003.


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