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To have your name registered, please E-Mail your Name, Highest Rank/Rate achieved while onboard, Years served onboard, and E-Mail address or log into the Ships Log and leave the same information there. All last names listed are as they were when that person was on board the ship. Maiden names, or new last names are listed in (parens) and nick names are listed in "quotes".

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Name Rank Years E-Mail Updated
Bell D.D.S, Jack A. AMMF1c1943-1945Email Me11/08
Brennan, William Patrick LT1943-1945No Address 09/10
Cantwell, William H. LTJG1943-1945Deceased02/08
Edwards, Howard "Hap or Happy" Unknown1943-1945No Address 02/05
Seidel, Clarence A. Unknown1943-1945No Address 06/05
Valleau, Robert Unknown1943-1945No Address 12/05
Bates, Edwin Newell EM3c1944-1946Deceased07/16
Boatright, William H. "Boaty" RM2c1944-1945No Address 09/10
Daly, Joseph Gordon AOMT11944-1945Deceased09/10
Durham, Raymond MM21944-1946No Address 09/10
Foster, Lewis K. Jr. RD31944-1945Email Me07/12
Haire, Alexander F21944-1945No Address 09/10
Hartford, Wayne E. YN21944-1945No Address 09/10
Heidenreich, Gerald RDM31944-1946Deceased09/10
Jinnette, Richard H. WO41944-No Address 09/10
Kilz, Raymond AEM21944-1946Email Me02/04
Larraillet, Alfred Unknown1944-1945Email Me06/05
Lowe Jr., Thomas Lafayette Unknown1944-1946No Address ?
Miller, Peter A. PRTRM3c1944-1946No Address 09/10
Mowday, Raymond PRTRM3c1944-1946No Address 09/10
Neville, Lou S1c1944-1945Deceased02/09
Nickell, James M. S1c1944-1946Email Me06/05
Nolan, John E. RM3/c1944-1946Email Me11/04
Olsen, Edward SN1/c1944-1946No Address 06/06
Olson, Andrew S1c1944-1945Email Me?
Olson, Kenneth R. BM31944-1946No Address 09/10
Ortman, Vincent SF3c1944-1946No Address 09/10
Ottomaniello Jr., Nick Unknown1944-1946Email Me06/03
Parrott, Robert Blackmon F2c1944-1946No Address 06/09
Patterson, WM B. LCDR1944-1945No Address 09/10
Pywell, Robert E. M1c1944-1945Email Me05/11
Ricinak, Michael D. CAPT1944-1945No Address ?
Sachs, Merlin YN21944-1945Email Me?
Shaffer, Wilbur A. AM21944-1945Deceased06/05
Slizeski, George B. "Ski" GM11944-1946Deceased01/16
Smith, Melvin FN1c1944-1945Deceased08/05
Tavizon, Steve SSMB3c1944-1946Deceased02/09
Whitaker, Erby "Rudderman" AM21944-1946Deceased?
Alexander, Tate LTjg1945-No Address ?
Averett, Eldridge Winfield AEM1c1945-Deceased10/15
Aspden, William Leroy SN1945-1946No Address 07/13
Becker, Albert F. MM11945-No Address 09/10
Bellamy, John Vaughn Y2C1945-1946Email Me05/05
Benintende, Joseph ??1945-1946Deceased08/13
Blackwell Jr., Paul H. S1c QM1945-1946Email Me06/05
Daniels, George A. AO21945-Deceased07/08
Gerken, Darrell S1C1945-1946Email Me05/15
Gordon, Albert LTjg1945-1946Email Me02/11
Grisinger Jr., George F. LTjg1945-1946Email Me09/10
Harris Sr., Earl L. EM?1945-1946Deceased03/05
Harrison, Marvin SM31945-1946No Address 09/10
Hickey, Leo Francis ETM3c1945-1946Deceased12/14
Hodes, Richard J. SKV2c1945-1946Email Me04/04
Huff, Ellis R. "Red" AMM2C1945-No Address 09/10
Johnson, Robert A. AD21945-Deceased07/12
Keeney, Lloyd A. RM11945-1950Deceased02/07
Linden, Richard AerM31945-1946Email Me04/01
McFadden, Bernarr David CWT1945-Email Me07/14
Moore Sr., Don Unknown1945-No Address 09/10
Morse, Laurence CM31945-1946No Address 09/10
Murphy, Jack SK3c1945-1946Deceased?
Napier, Thomas W. ??1945-1946Email Me03/11
Newcomb, John L. MM31945-1946Email Me12/15
Phipps, Willis H. MM31945-1946Email Me06/05
Schaeffer, Thomas ??1945-No Address ?
Smith, H. L. S1c1945-1946No Address ?
Sovronsky, Joseph "Sky" Unknown1945-Email Me?
Stanely, George T. QM3/c1945-1946Email Me07/05
Swope, John SN/11945-1946Email Me01/05
Talosi, Joseph S1c RM1945-1946Email Me09/10
Tillman, Dean O. Unknown1945-No Address ?
Throckmorton, John EM31945-1946No Address 09/10
William John James, Jr ??1945-1946Email Me07/14
Brasseur, Duane Francois ??1946-1948No Address 02/12
Burch, Newton C. "Bud" RM31946-Email Me?
Crenshaw, Harold O. F2c1946-1947No Address ?
Day, Richard E. "Red" SN1946-1947Deceased12/12
Griffin, Michael EM3c1946-1947No Address 09/10
Gryder, James Ray SSMB3c1946-1947Email Me10/08
Lewis, John T. F1c1946-No Address 09/10
McBride, Charles MML31946-No Address 09/10
Perry, Gordon M. FC31946-1949Email Me07/14
Potts, Lelan C. SM1946-1947Email Me09/10
Rapak, Louis Unknown1946-1948No Address 09/10
Sinclair, Andrrew M. LT1946-Email Me09/10
Smith, Kenneth L. MM21946-No Address ?
Wise, Edward BT1946-No Address ?
Aungst, Clinton D. FM11947-1949Email Me09/10
Baran, Alfred CWO31947-1950No Address 02/13
Buelow, Conrad H. FN1947-1949Email Me09/06
DeLuca, James "Jack" F21947-Email Me08/09
Huggins, Donnie I. Jr. S1/C1947-1948Email Me02/12
Maynard, Ovila A. "Al" SK3c1947-1948No Address 09/10
Tingle, Charles L. F1C1947-1948Email Me12/11
Ward, Oscar SC1947-No Address 09/10
Anders, John S1c1948-1949No Address ?
DeCarlo, Raymond SA1948-1950Email Me09/06
Donaldson, Orval "Don" FN1948-1950No Address 09/10
Ellis, Lysle D. PN31948-1952Email Me11/05
Ence, William Garr "Baby" BM31948-1950Email Me02/11
Gale, Earl MM3c1948-1949No Address ?
Gibbs, Jerry CS31948-1949Email Me?
Gottardi, Richard RM31948-1949Email Me06/03
Harris, Edsel L. SN1948-Deceased08/22
Jessup, Bill APH31948-1949Email Me?
Morrow, Bill FC1948-1949No Address 09/10
Sands, Homer ??1948-No Address 08/12
Wager, John K. MM21948-1953No Address 09/10
Whatley, Charlie L. ML11948-1949Email Me07/11
Wynder, Richard RM31948-1950No Address 09/10
Banner, Mike ??1949-1952Deceased04/11
Bradley, Tom ET21949-1953Email Me04/04
Franklin, Kenton ??1949-1951Email Me09/12
Griffin, Robert SN1949-1949Deceased12/12
Halbert, Jim YN21949-1951No Address 09/10
Izquierdo, Richard F. HM21949-1952No Address ?
Kadlec, William E. FCR31949-Email Me12/14
Matheny Jr., Clyde S. GM21949-1953No Address 09/10
Myrick, Wilbur B. SA1949-1950Deceased01/09
Winton, Frank FP11949-1953Email Me01/11
Wierec, John PM31949-1951No Address ?
Barclay, Thomas J. ??1950-????Deceased09/11
Clark, Robert PN31950-1951Email Me01/10
Glover, John Unknown1950-No Address ?
Kroon, Richard Jr. Unknown1950-1952No Address 12/05
Kuoppala, Roger Valdemar Unknown1950-1954Deceased08/13
Marshall, Harold C. ET11950-1952Email Me03/04
Schupbach, Duane F. YN11950-1953No Address 09/10
Scott, Jay R. ET21950-1953Deceased05/08
Stephens, Chester "Steve" RD21950-1953Email Me09/11
Strom, Donald F. AOC1950-1956Deceased02/05
Tuttle, Robert QM31950-1952Email Me12/04
Ballek, Frank MMR1/c1951-1953No Address 06/05
Rodgers, Delbert QMSN1951-1954Email Me02/11
Fenberg, Marvin DK41951-1954No Address 09/10
Harris, Howard L. SD21951-1955Email Me01/15
Holmquist, Victor R. ET11951-1952Email Me09/10
Lay, Herman L. S1/c1951-1955Email Me?
Marsh, Don D. CS31951-1954Email Me09/10
Mayeda, Edward Y. DK31951-1953Email Me07/11
Moorman, William J. YN31951-1953Email Me06/05
Snider, David Lee BM1951-1954Deceased02/10
Whitesell, Don SN1951-1955No Address ?
Wood, Jack R. MR31951-1953Email Me06/05
Aranda, Phillip AN1952-1955No Address 09/10
Bailey, Glen A. MM31952-1954No Address 09/10
Brunty, Millard Unknown1952-1955No Address 09/10
Capps, Donald CS31952-1953Email Me?
Conner, Eugene Guy FT11952-1955Email Me06/03
Crowl, Robert MM11952-1956Email Me?
Floerke, Glen Herman EM31952-1956Email Me04/12
Fiscus, Gerald (Jerry) TE21952-1953No Address 09/10
French, Robert E. ET21952-1953No Address 09/10
Hardwick, Bill RM31952-1953Email Me?
Holt, Earl W. FP21952-1953No Address 09/10
Houck, Linford D. AT21952-1953Email Me02/17
Meads, Philip H. ET21952-1955No Address 05/05
Nevis, Gordon SN1952-1954No Address 09/10
Norris, C. V. "Bud" DC31952-1953Email Me?
Olsen, James EM31952-1954No Address 09/10
Rogers, Culver "Bud" RMSN1952-1955No Address ?
Showen, Harold D. BT31952-1956No Address 09/10
Stahl, Darrell E. QMSN1952-1954Email Me09/10
Thomas, Carl LT1952-1953No Address 09/10
Whalen, Harold PNSN1952-1953Email Me?
Wienert, Lloyd TE21952-1955Email Me10/08
Anderson, Richard LCDR1953-1955No Address 02/13
Boutin, Roderick R. CS31953-1956No Address 09/10
Escobio, Manuel RM31953-1955Email Me?
Mixon, Harold L. EN31953-1954No Address 09/10
Bartl , EDmund J. SFP21954-1956No Address 09/10
Coley, Jerry D. QMSN1954-No Address 09/10
Devane, Joseph F. LTjg1954-1956Email Me08/05
Graham, Paul N. ET31954-1957No Address 09/10
Jividen, David GS41954-1956No Address ?
Helman, David L. SN1954-1955No Address 12/05
McFalls, Elwyne D. SN1954-1955No Address 09/10
Quinn, Gerald M. SK31954-1956Email Me11/12
Seely, Bob YN21954-No Address 09/10
Ting, Irwin P. HM11954-1956Email Me?
Van Den Heuvel, C. A. ET21954-1957Email Me06/03
Brown, Louis BM31955-1959Deceased10/10
Cahill, Bill AG21955-1956No Address 09/10
Caruthers, Draper "Jack" E41955-1959Email Me02/06
Codiroli, Allen GS21955-1958Email Me01/12
Felkins, S. Leon FT21955-1958Email Me02/17
Grosgebauer, Ken FT21955-1956No Address 09/10
Horne, Everett RDCS1955-1960No Address 09/10
Lockie, William (Bill) FTC1955-1960Email Me07/13
Neveril, Robert "Bob" LTJG1955-1957Email Me04/18
Overby, Duane J. GS21955-1958Email Me04/13
Porter, Dan SN1955-1959No Address 09/10
Riggs, Robert L. ETC1955-1957No Address 09/10
Rothaus, Albert H. LTJG1955-1957Email Me12/08
Shelton, Robert C. IC11955-1956Email Me10/03
Welsh, Edward C. HM31955-1957Email Me?
Bannister, John T. ET21956-1958Email Me04/13
Bartl, Edmund J. PF?1956-1957No Address ?
Buller, Patrick E. ET21956-1959No Address 09/10
Cozza, Frederick HM31956-1958No Address 09/10
Creek, James R. GS31956-1959No Address 09/10
Culp, Richard S. (Dick) GS21956-1959Email Me09/10
Dicus, William E. ETR31956-1960Email Me09/10
Dorris, Richard TE21956-1957Email Me12/11
Gardisky, Richard CS21956-1960Email Me03/05
Luskin, Bernard YNT31956-1958Email Me09/16
McMillen, William RD21956-Email Me06/05
Parks, Richard A. FT11956-1957No Address 09/10
Robbins, W. M. "Chuck" QM21956-1957No Address 09/10
Roberson, Gary AG31956-1957Email Me?
Rodriguez, Tom A. EM31956-1959Email Me01/12
Smith, Richard R. ET21956-1959Email Me01/12
Brittson, Bob L. AMS21957-1960No Address ?
Cary, Paul A. FT1957-1960No Address ?
Halfhill, Bob BMSN1957-1958Email Me06/03
Hansen, Eugene R. CS31957-1959Email Me06/05
Herbert, Paul IC21957-1962Email Me06/05
Kelley, Bob ET11957-1961No Address 09/10
Kile, Richard L. LCDR1957-Deceased04/04
Kizziah , Henry Richard SM31957-1959No Address 09/10
Lamb, Frederic P. GS21957-1959Email Me09/10
Lantzy, David G. GS1957-No Address 09/10
Leonard, William D. SN1957-1960Email Me07/05
Marco, Bernie DC21957-1959Email Me02/07
Mayfield, Keith P. "Pat" ETN21957-1959Email Me06/05
McMaster, Ken GS21957-1959Email Me08/13
Modawell, Ronald SM21957-1961Email Me01/12
Reagan, William F. (Bill) SK31957-1958Email Me11/08
Reeves, George L. BTCS1957-l962No Address 02/05
Rohrbacher, Charles RD21957-1961No Address 09/10
Simmons Jr., Elmer Leon "Lee" Unknown1957-1959No Address 09/10
Steelman, Billy J. IC11957-1959No Address 09/10
Terrell, Bobby W. EN31957-1959Email Me09/10
Tucker, James H. PN31957-1959No Address ?
Terrell, Bobby EN31957-1959No Address 09/10
Berish, Dr. D. S. LT1958-1959No Address 09/10
Bowman, Dave GS21958-Email Me01/09
Brighton, James GS21958-1960No Address 09/10
Brown, W. G. "Bill" PN31958-1959Email Me06/05
Carter, Robert D. SFP21958-1962Email Me09/11
Dishman, James MM21958-1962Email Me01/07
Freeman, Howard N. FN1958-1960Email Me?
Gaskins, Jimmy BT31958-1961Email Me11/03
Hiner, Garry SN1958-1958No Address 09/10
Hood, Glenn A. Jr. BTFN1958-1959Email Me02/08
Kinsey, Larry J. ET21958-1961No Address 09/10
Kizziah, Henry R. (Jim) SM31958-1959Email Me01/12
Lucas, George PH31958-1959Email Me01/12
Modawell, Ron SM21958-1961No Address 09/10
Mullens, Alva A. ET31958-1961No Address 09/10
Neitz, John Ells SA1958-1959Email Me05/14
Oak, Jerry SM1958-1960Email Me06/05
Owens, Quintin "Quincy" RD21958-1961Email Me05/08
Peterson, Lowell FT21958-1959Email Me02/08
Robles, Antonio "Tony" SN1958-1960Email Me02/13
Bradsher, Charles GS21959-No Address 09/10
Cloran, Thomas "Pepi" RD21959-1962Email Me04/08
Coogan, Joesph E. LCDR1959-1961Email Me08/05
DeWitt, Doug HN1959-1960No Address 09/10
Gibson, Richard RD31959-1962Email Me09/10
Hathaway, Travis AG21959-1961Email Me04/13
Harrington, Robert RMC1959-1962Email Me?
Helfer, David MM31959-1960Email Me04/12
Hogan, Frank AMS31959-1961Email Me?
Houdek, Douglas E. YN31959-1961Email Me10/11
Irvin, George MM21959-1961Email Me04/13
Lundin, Hans YN21959-1962Email Me09/11
Mapes, Glen SFP31959-1960No Address 10/10
Markhofer, Bill ET21959-1962Email Me09/10
Moore, James T. "Jim" IC21959-1962No Address 09/10
Mueller, Ernest R. MT31959-1962No Address 09/10
Ohlson, Erik ET31959-1961Email Me06/05
Peņa, Manuel J. SA1959-1960Email Me06/03
Pottskisn, Paul R. PHC1959-1960No Address 09/10
Robertson, Donald L. M. MT31959-1962No Address 09/10
Seipel, Robert B. GS21959-1961No Address 09/10
Stafford, John A. SM21959-1961No Address 09/10
Taylor, Hollis GS21959-Email Me07/11
Topartzer, Robert MT31959-1960No Address 09/10
Vidovick, Jerry M. MM31959-1962Email Me06/08
Wetzel, William H. SK21959-1960Email Me07/12
Zahnd, Richard ET21959-1962Email Me06/05
Ammons, Donald ETR21960-1961Email Me06/05
Bodnar, Leslie John MMFN1960-1962Email Me04/06
Buchstab, Phil FTSN1960-1962No Address 09/10
Coppella, Thomas L. MT31960-1962Email Me?
Cox, Tom DC31960-1962No Address 09/10
Ducote,Ronald J. GS21960-1962Email Me11/14
Donahue, David B. QMSN1960-1961Email Me12/06
Exler, James H. GS31960-1962Email Me04/16
Flores, Fredrick A. MT21960-1962Email Me09/10
Florkowski, Robert P. MT31960-1962Email Me01/15
Freese, Allen ETR21960-1961Email Me01/10
Fremont, Jerome MT21960-1962Email Me11/06
Harrison, Joe CAPT1960-1961No Address 09/10
Hilty, Edwin Lee RM31960-1961Email Me11/10
Huggins, Harvey E. PH31960-1962Email Me07/16
Kelsey, Jim QM31960-1961No Address 09/10
Kingsland, Arthur J. AMH31960-1961No Address 09/10
Kulbitskas, John MT21960-1962Email Me11/06
Morris, Melvin EM31960-1962No Address 09/10
Newman, Jerry MRFN1960-1962Email Me04/12
Osborn "Ozzie", Darrell L. RMSN1960-1961Email Me09/10
Osborn, Jerry D. BMSN1960-1963No Address 09/10
Price, Warren A. MT21960-1962Email Me09/08
Smith, Ron YN21960-1961No Address 09/10
Swafford, Richard G. E51960-1962No Address 02/04
Todd, Robert BT11960-1962No Address 09/10
Watt, Barry G. CSSN1960-1961Email Me06/05
Buckley, Claude AN1961-Email Me06/05
Carter, James F. SHS31961-1963No Address 09/10
Grimsley, William J. "Bill" GM31961-1962Email Me02/11
Ham, Bill IC31961-Email Me?
Lewis, George CDR1961-1962Email Me09/10
Maclean, James SK11961-1962No Address 09/10
Singer, Robert Sam ENS1961-1962No Address 09/10
Bowser, Darwin BT21962-Email Me05/14
Rowley, Charles R. "Chuck" ET31962-1964Email Me02/11
Bergeron, Rich FTG21963-1964Email Me07/07
Bohman, J. FTM11963-1966No Address 09/10
Bullerwell Jr., Howard "Bull" SN1963-1966Deceased02/12
Duffy, Ronald MM1963-No Address 09/10
Filippone, Joe LT1963-1964No Address 09/10
Gerighty, Patrick C. SN1963-1966No Address 09/10
Lenartowicz, Alfred J. IC11963-1965Email Me09/10
Martin, Harry J. ETR21963-1965Email Me03/08
Meloche, Geoffrey "Jeff" FTM1963-1967Email Me07/12
Mcglynn, George FTCM1963-1967Email Me09/10
Sappington, Brenton FTM21963-1967Email Me06/05
Schultz, Dale E. EN31963-1966Email Me06/05
Walker, Henry W. DS21963-1965Email Me06/05
White, David G. SH31963-1966No Address 09/10
Barfield, Charles H. CDR1964-1965No Address 07/10
Blaney, Joseph BM31964-Email Me11/03
Carter, Milton ETR21964-1967Email Me?
Cato, Taft Thomas SK31964-Deceased12/14
Coryer, Brent SK31964-1966Email Me10/03
DePrimo, Carl C. YN31964-1967Email Me07/06
Duschl, Joseph E. E31964-1966Email Me07/12
Farrow, Jim RMC1964-Email Me?
Fletcher, Tom S. ET31964-1967Email Me06/09
Gall, Daniel J. DS31964-1966Email Me01/12
Gerighty, Patrick C. SN1964-1966Email Me07/05
Gort, Mike RD31964-1966Email Me06/05
Gruwell, Richard "Woody" CS31964-1966Email Me11/04
Hughes, James R. MM51964-1966Email Me06/05
Irvin, Alexander "Mac" LTjg1964-1966Email Me03/11
Jalowiec, Richard "Dick" EN31964-1965Email Me09/10
Kost, Edward R. "The Kid" SF31964-1966No Address 09/10
Long, Bernie ET31964-1966No Address 09/10
Mac Ewan, Jim L. FTM21964-1966Email Me06/05
McLean, Roger D. MMFN1964-1965Email Me09/11
Mikashus, Lawrence SKSN1964-Email Me06/03
Miller, Charles E. "BUD" RD31964-1966Email Me11/08
Niemeyer, Donald MM31964-1965Email Me01/09
Olson, Joesph P. E51964-1967Email Me09/10
Pavlic, Jim FTM21964-1966Email Me12/05
Richard, Dou EM31964-No Address 09/10
Rzasa, Michael D. ETR31964-1967Email Me09/10
Shafer, Courtney C. GMG31964-1965Email Me09/10
Slightam, Richard B. "Rick" MM41964-1966Email Me06/08
Swearingen, Gilbert BM31964-1966No Address 09/10
Swenson, James C. CS31964-1965Email Me06/05
Thomasel, Larry EM31964-Email Me?
Thorner, Fred FN1964-1966Email Me06/05
Warlick, Dennis SK31964-1967No Address 09/10
Welsh, William E31964-1965Email Me12/11
Zagayko, Andrew LT1964-1967Email Me06/05
Barrett, Steve Unknown1965-1967No Address ?
Behl, John Henry CAPT1965-1967No Address 09/10
Belcher, Winton J. RM31965-1966Email Me02/11
Gnade, Daniel FTM21965-1968No Address 09/10
Green, David IC21965-1966Email Me11/12
Hardwick, Michael R. DS21965-1968Email Me02/06
Johnson, Dennis FTCS1965-1967Email Me07/16
Lopez, IC31965-1968Email Me?
Miller, Billy R. BT11965-1967Email Me09/10
Vest, Kent J. EMFN1965-1966Email Me06/03
Egan, John LTjg1966-1968Email Me?
Esqueda, Chuck MMFN1966-1968Email Me10/15
Fogel, Jack GMG21966-1968Email Me02/06
Hutchens, Johnny EN41966-Email Me08/16
Irons, Tom FTM21966-1968Email Me10/10
Plover, Michael EN31966-1968Email Me05/16
Pontius, Terry ETSN1966-Email Me01/06
Rekow, George C. GMG21966-1968Email Me03/08
Renda, Dana SA1966-1968Email Me06/03
Sepulveda, Efraim C. BM11966-1968Email Me08/05
Thompson, Robert "Bob" FTM11966-1968Email Me06/05
Tyson, Roy K. LTjg1966-1968Email Me05/12
Adamik, Robert J. SF31967-1968Email Me04/17
Bentz, David L. FTM11967-1970Email Me06?05
Bradbury, Ray SH21967-1969Email Me04/12
Cate , Larry J. GMG11967-1970Email Me06/05
Cross, Clifford J. E41967-1968Email Me06/05
Ensign, James R. LTJG1967-1970Email Me07/07
Felske, Phillip M. GMG11967-1969Email Me06/05
Henning, James BT21967-1969Email Me06/09
Hire, Charles RD21967-1971Email Me06/05
Jones, Steve SN1967-1968Email Me09/12
Lewis, George CO CAPT1967-1968Email Me?
McDonald, Tom SHC1967-1970Email Me?
Preston, Don RDSN1967-1968Email Me04/12
Price, David DC31967-1969Email Me?
Rockefeller, Bill FTM11967-1970Email Me06/05
Stackpoole, Jim LTjg1967-1969Email Me07/06
Webb, A. C. YN11967-1969No Address 09/10
Banks, Herman MM21968-1972Email Me?
Brown, Richard CS31968-1971Email Me06/05
Edwards, Billy J SF31968-1971Email Me10/14
Golden, Carlton BT31968-1971Email Me?
Griggs, Tommy FTG31968-1971Email Me10/06
Jones, Gary SFC1968-1971Email Me09/03
Kinzer, Charles ETN21968-1970Email Me06/05
Moore, Gary LI21968-1970Email Me04/17
Nuzzo, Ken FTG11968-1970Email Me10/06
Shaffer, John CWO21968-1972Email Me06/05
Stroik, J.B. SN1968-1969Email Me11/08
Robles, Rudy MM31968-1961Email Me06/05
Williams, Tony IC31968-1972Email Me07/11
Baker, Terry BM31969-1971Email Me04/13
Black, Jerry J. FTM11969-1973Email Me07/08
Casillas, Jerri R. SM31969-1972Email Me02/05
Blair, David LT1969-1972Email Me?
Egland, Samuel, E. BT31969-1972Email Me07/11
Everidge, Frank BMSN1969-1972Email Me11/11
Foster, Thomas A. BM31969-1974Email Me06/05
Fuhr, Jerry PC31969-1970Email Me?
Garver, Ron LI21969-1972Email Me12/07
Green, Larry SN1969-Email Me06/05
Hall, William L. LI21969-1973Email Me12/06
Hinkston, Harry E. MM31969-1970Email Me09/11
Hoover, Bob EN11969-1972Email Me12/07
Ives, Phillip YN31969-1971Email Me11/04
Jones, Chuck YN31969-1970Email Me06/03
Jones, Ray BM11969-1972Deceased12/14
Koenig, Michael EM21969-1970Email Me11/06
Kroncke, Mark FTG31969-1970Email Me06/05
Lancaster, Steve EN31969-1971Email Me08/09
Lance, William "Bill" BM11969-1970Email Me10/12
Leck, Timothy Jack FN1969-1970Email Me11/12
Meccia, Michael RM21969-1970Email Me02/06
Morrison, Ray EM31969-1971Email Me03/14
Neumann, Donald RDSN1969-1970Email Me06/05
Parsons, Marvin SF31969-1973Email Me10/14
Rivas, Martin SM21969-1972Email Me03/08
Rogers, Gary SF31969-1970Email Me03/06
Root, Douglas FTM31969-1971Email Me11/11
Sharkey, Arnie MR21969-1974Email Me06/05
Soltys, Wayne L. FN/HT1969-1973Email Me?
Tippets, Steve EM21969-1970Email Me?
Traynor, Tim BM31969-1971Email Me?
White, Ron CPO11969-Email Me06/05
Yeager, Bill L. YN11969-1971Email Me09/12
Young, Randy FTG21969-1972Email Me11/13
Zenyuch, Donald GMGSN1969-Email Me?
Alexander, Martin CS21970-1971Email Me11/11
Cain, Michael YN21970-1972Email Me06/05
Chambers, Wayne GM31970-1971Email Me12/11
Eubanks, Bobby G. OSCM1970-1973Deceased08/08
Farina, David E31970-1972Email Me07/11
Fournier, Roy BT31970-1971Email Me04/18
Freeman, Fred CS21970-Email Me?
Johnson, Joe EM21970-1972Email Me03/14
Jones, Stephen RM31970-1972Email Me11/13
Konsor, Barry J. RM21970-1971Email Me01/11
Lantz, Donald R. GMG31970-1971Email Me?
Neeley, Bill FTM21970-1972Email Me04/12
Picquet, Roger LTjg1970-1972Email Me04/13
Powell, Phillip RM31970-Email Me?
Randall, Bob RM21970-Email Me11/03
Salisbury, Joey FTM11970-1976Email Me04/13
Street, Dennis SN1970-1972Email Me09/11
Sellers, Raymond M. SKC1970-1971Email Me?
Weaver, Leonard BT31970-1972Email Me04/13
Miller, Larry J. MM21971-1974Email Me02/10
Baillie, Jim ETR21971-1973Email Me?
Bauscher, Ed FTG31971-1972Email Me06/10
Christensen, John N. LCDR1971-1973Email Me?
Duncan, Mike FTM21971-1976Email Me06/05
Grafton, Rick "Butch" EN31971-1979No Address 09/10
Hanson, Ron MM21971-1974Email Me11/11
Hodges, James E. SKCS1971-1972Email Me03/09
Hollander, Steve RM31971-1971Email Me?
Kaylor, Tom "Bucky" FTM21971-1975Email Me04/13
Lee, Roy E. HT21971-1974Email Me12/08
Martz, Terry GMM21971-1972Email Me02/13
McKittrick, Tom BT21971-1973Email Me08/10
Miner, Curt FTM31971-1975Email Me02/09
Morin, Thom E31971-1973Email Me11/06
Nightingale, Tim CS31971-1972Email Me07/05
Norsian, Heinz BT31971-1972No Address 09/12
Plumlee, Thurman "Ray" IC11971-1972Email Me09/10
Scheunemann, Dave BT31971-1974Email Me02/06
Tipton, Norman BT21971-1973Email Me11/03
Turner, Dave BM31971-1975Email Me11/07
Allen, Anthony MM31972-1975Email Me03/04
Capetillo, Jose "Cap" GMSN1972-1975Email Me06/05
Cash, Norman E. SR1972-1974Email Me04/18
Cole, Marty B. FN1972-1973Email Me06/03
Estep, Dan FTM11972-Email Me?
Floyd, Ralph "Freight Train" E31972-1974Email Me02/11
Gibson, Russell ICSN1972-1973Email Me12/09
Goyette, Robert ET21972-1975Email Me07/13
Grant, William G. "Bruno" EM31972-1973Email Me06/05
Jordison, Ron HMC1972-1975Email Me06/03
Lattray, Terry F. FN1972-1975Email Me04/08
Lowe, Matthew T. SK31972-1975Email Me02/04
Pritchard, Kent MM31972-1975Email Me07/07
Schroeder, Hal LCDR1972-1975Email Me06/05
Shaddox, David HT31972-1975Email Me06/05
Shelton, Alan G. YNSN1972-1975Email Me01/09
Soderquist, Frank O. OS21972-1973Email Me?
Turek, Raymond IC21972-1978Email Me06/06
Weller, David BM31972-1976No Address ?
Wilson, Ronald SH31972-1975Email Me10/08
Wurtz, Bill HT21972-1974Email Me?
Beyer, David A. OS21973-1976Email Me04/13
Brewer, Jerry CPO1973-No Address ?
Brown, Dunbar BT31973-1975Email Me04/13
Ebinger, Henry IC11973-1975Email Me06/03
Frie, Bob SN1973-1974Email Me06/05
Galde, Dick MR11973-1975Email Me06/05
Hutchison, Brandt MM31973-1975Email Me06/05
Key, James R. DSCM1973-1975Email Me?
Latour, Joe "Chink" MM21973-1978Email Me09/10
Lockie, William (Bill) LCDR1973-1974Email Me07/13
Moss, Roger C. SA1973-Email Me08/12
Muller, Richard F. SK31973-1974Email Me03/04
Neustel, Gary L. HT21973-1975Email Me06/05
Rippey, Robert BT1973-1975Email Me11/14
Sitarz, Bill PNSN1973-1975Email Me11/05
Sloan, James F. SN1973-1975Email Me06/05
Stirn, Steve MM31973-1976Email Me?
Tedder, Robert F. HT31973-1975Deceased07/16
Thiel, Gunner John CWO41973-1977Email Me06/05
Toutain, Ray E41973-1975Email Me08/04
Townsend, Doug MM21973-1976Email Me01/08
Atwood, Richard FTM21974-1976Email Me08/05
Baer, Craig FN1974-Email Me06/05
Finocchiaro, John MM31974-1976Email Me06/05
Hash, Skip FTMC1974-1978Email Me06/05
Johnson, Frank 1974-Email Me02/06
Knight, Robert FTM21974-1975Email Me06/03
Mozer, Alvin L. ICC1974-1977Email Me?
Pierce, Jerry L. BT21974-1978Email Me06/05
Rude, Gerald L. BT21974-1975Email Me?
Stone, Robert "Ed" YN21974-1975Email Me12/07
Adney, Stephen L. ET21975-1977Email Me02/11
Bowling, Johnnie V. BMSN1975-1977Email Me06/03
Buono, Stephen EM21975-1977Email Me?
Combs, Bill FTM/YNSN1975-1980Email Me?
Cook, Ron IC11975-1977Email Me06/05
Freeland, Everette BTFN1975-1976Email Me06/05
Hutchison, Brandt ??1975-Email Me07/09
Jasen, Craig QM21975-1979Email Me06/05
Jensen, Larry DS11975-1977Email Me01/12
Kirksey, Tracy J. E31975-1977Email Me08/10
L'Anglois, Dale OS21975-1978No Address ?
Layes, Robert MMFN1975-1978Email Me?
Leroux, Louie BT31975-1978Email Me06/05
Marks, Tom BMSN1975-1979Email Me06/05
McCarty, Ken MM21975-1977Email Me06/09
McKinstry, John OS21975-1978Email Me11/05
Phillips, Henry FTM11975-1978Email Me11/05
Pywell, Bob EMFN1975-1978Email Me?
Ramey, David Micheal HT31975-1977Email Me11/10
Reilly, Gregg A. FTM11975-1980Email Me11/08
Richard, Terry Lee MM31975-Email Me07/06
Seely, Roy MM21975-1977Email Me04/12
Snow, Jerry "Hank" MM31975-1979Email Me02/05
Tank, Brian E31975-1977Email Me01/12
Thorson, Steve HT21975-1978Email Me09/10
Troutman, Steve LTjg1975-1976No Address ?
Troxel, Michael P. BT1975-1977No Address ?
Wilder, Michael MM21975-1980Email Me12/06
Arnold, Ravin "Ray" IC21976-1981Email Me01/12
Bruneau, Ray GMM21976-1979Email Me06/12
Carson, Mickey J. YNSN1976-1981Email Me02/11
Clark, Brian EM31976-1979Email Me06/05
Grizzell, Gregory A. MM31976-1978Email Me06/05
Hamilton, Bryan "Hambone" OS21976-1980Email Me?
Hill, David QM21976-1979Email Me06/05
Hunnicutt, Steven E. SK21976-1977Email Me06/05
Jones, Richard L. LT1976-1980Email Me09/10
Keeling, Chuck FTM11976-1981Email Me06/05
Linville, Roger EM31976-1978Email Me?
Maddox, Jim OS11976-1979Email Me06/05
Mattos, Stan D. "Stan the Man" MM21976-1980Email Me?
Mayer, Jeffrey ENS1976-1976Email Me06/05
McMahon, Stephen C. GMM11976-1979Email Me06/05
Mitchell, David A. BTFN1976-1979Email Me06/03
Nelson, Stanley GMMSN1976-1980Email Me09/08
Pantano, Eugene R. LI11976-1977Email Me06/05
Powers, Ron LI31976-1979Email Me06/05
Reynolds, Jeff BTFN1976-1980Email Me06/03
Rudich, Jerry MMFA1976-1977Email Me01/12
Ryan, Scott "RYANO" BTFN1976-1980Email Me04/06
Smith, Ron FTM11976-1980Email Me10/05
Tank, Brian E31976-1977Email Me12/08
Tilley, Jimmie BT31976-1980Email Me10/04
Alexander, Rick MM21977-1980Email Me02/06
Ashby, Andrew BT21977-1982Email Me03/14
Baird, James FTM11977-1982Email Me06/05
Batten, Kevin FTM11977-1981Email Me08/09
Berens, Richard A. FTM21977-1981Email Me07/11
Carson, Mickey YNSN1977-1980Email Me12/15
Charrette, Jerry F/N1977-1980Email Me08/13
Graham, Dennis MM21977-1979Email Me02/17
Herren, Jeff SN1977-1980Email Me01/12
Kaimiola, Harold MM21977-1981Email Me06/05
Long, Doug DS21977-1982Email Me?
Navey, Jerry SKCM1977-1979Email Me?
O'Brien, Robin T. FA1977-1979Email Me01/04
Steinebach, William BTC1977-1979Email Me08/07
Warner, Timothy M. SHSN1977-1989Email Me05/14
Williamson, Boyd Ray FTM11977-1982Email Me06/05
Yuncker, E.J. "Yogi" BT31977-1978Email Me01/07
Adcock, Paul SK31978-1980Email Me06/05
Allen, Bruce Dale HT31978-1979Email Me08/10
Alvarado, Daniel N. IC31978-1980Email Me07/05
Bartek, Matthew S. "Matt" DS11978-1979Email Me03/10
Baskett, Edward A. OS21978-1983Email Me09/10
Both, Dennis BT21978-1980Email Me03/06
Burns, Maurice W. "SKIP" BT31978-1981Email Me03/11
Chiappi, Bob FN1978-1981Email Me?
Clark, Roger E. BM21978-1982Email Me08/03
Dudek, John MM31978-1979Email Me06/05
Dugenske, Stanley BT21978-1982Email Me02/10
Evans, Frank MMCM1978-1984Email Me10/05
Glenn, Barry DSSN1978-1980Email Me02/09
Gray, Art FTM11978-1980Email Me?
Gruetzmacher, Michael R. BT21978-1982Email Me02/08
Lloyd, Mike MM21978-1980Email Me11/05
Moody, Joseph M. BT21978-1983Email Me06/05
Moore, Steve DS11978-1980Email Me05/11
Norton, Stephen D IC1(SW)1978-1980Email Me07/05
O'Brien, Dave DSC(SW)1978-1981Email Me01/07
Pascual, Frank EM11978-1980Email Me?
Proctor, Steve Unknown1978-1981Email Me08/05
Sevigny, Dean A. PHC1978-1979Email Me06/05
Ward, Tom FTM21978-1982Email Me06/05
Williams, Griffith H. QM31978-1980Email Me?
Williams, Oliver BT1978-Email Me?
Wolf, Gary E31978-1980Email Me12/08
Amos (Hines), Evelynn "AME" RM21979-1982Email Me02/08
Antonacci, Dave "Nuch" BT31979-1983Email Me06/09
Blass, Robert SK21979-1981Email Me02/11
Bourland, Thomas M. DS31979-1981Email Me02/09
Brooks, Patrick G. IC21979-1981Email Me06/03
Bryant, Roger A. BT21979-1980Email Me04/15
Burden, Verjean OS11979-1980Email Me06/05
Burns, Maurice W. "SKIP" BT31979-1981Email Me03/09
Bush, Michael DK21979-1981Email Me03/14
Caldwell, David MMFN1979-1984Email Me?
Conzemius, Darla SN1979-1981Email Me08/03
Dewey, Charles S. BM11979-1981Email Me?
Dominquez, Lynn OS21979-1982Email Me?
DuRall, Dawn DS21979-1982Email Me04/13
Felty, Rick SMC1979-1981Email Me06/05
Hanno, Donny E31979-1982Email Me01/09
Heusser, Sharrie PN11979-1982Email Me06/05
Fontenot, Kenneth "Pee wee" MM31979-1982Email Me01/09
Giron (Lombardi), Edith SK31979-1983Email Me02/10
Gonzalez, Adrian "Gonzo" MM21979-1984Email Me03/09
Holman, Bret "Bubba" FTM21979-1982Email Me04/12
Ingoe, Bradley OS21979-1983Email Me?
James (Escamilla), Kerrie SA1979-Email Me06/05
Johnson (Farnworth), Lori DS21979-1983Email Me?
Keenan, John ET21979-1982Email Me01/05
Kerr (Martin), Rochelle "RO" BMSA1979-1980Email Me12/06
Lance (Wersinger), Cathy SN1979-1981Email Me?
O'Brian (Ingoe), Sheryl ET21979-1981Email Me06/05
Parson, Tom MM21979-1983Email Me?
Pasterick, Michael BM31979-1982No Address ?
Petre, John FTM11979-1983Email Me10/14
Quinn, Jim SH31979-1981Email Me06/05
Romero, Mary Jane SM1979-1980Email Me?
Roosen-Raad, Jane L. RM11979-1981Email Me06/05
Russell, Calvin MMFN1979-1981Email Me09/06
Sanfacon, Jerry FTM21979-1983Email Me?
Schulte, Jim BT21979-1980Email Me10/14
Sparks, Doreen EM31979-1982Email Me06/13
Tobin, Pat "Poo Punkin" PN11979-1981Email Me03/05
Underwood, Barbara L. "Puppy" YNSN1979-1981Email Me08/04
Waterfield, Robert "Bob" EMC1979-1983Email Me07/05
Zook, Kimberly E21979-1980No Address 05/05
Adkins, Stephen BM21980-1982Email Me04/04
Asp, Dan BT31980-1982Email Me07/05
Baker, Bill T. MMFN1980-1983Email Me06/05
Boer, Thomas E. YN21980-1983No Address 08/07
Brooks, Rodney EM21980-1983Email Me09/08
Caputi (Yates), Karen E31980-1982Email Me12/07
Custer, David BTCS1980-1981Email Me02/11
Faas, Jeff MS31980-1984Email Me01/12
Garrett, David M. FTM31980-1981Email Me11/13
Goularte (Long), Kristyn DS21980-1983Email Me?
Guillette (Cote), Denise K. BM31980-1984Email Me06/05
Haden, Steven FTM21980-1982Email Me06/05
Hamilton, Randal ETC1980-1984Email Me04/12
Hawes, George SH11980-1984No Address ?
Hibbard, Greg ICC1980-1984Email Me10/06
Jennings (Milton), Beverly E31980-1982Email Me05/10
Jopling, Beverly PN21980-1983Email Me12/09
Katekaru, Roberto LT(jg)1980-1983Email Me08/08
Knight, James GMM11980-1981Email Me?
Konrad, Dak SH31980-1982Email Me?
Lucy, Evelyn A. RM31980-1982Email Me04/18
Martin (Weed), Margery SA1980-1983Email Me04/04
Oakes, John GMM21980-1983Email Me?
Rabideau (Klingensmith), Kim SH31980-1983Email Me06/05
Richardson, Larry MS31980-1982Email Me01/07
Robinson, Brad "Robbie" FTM21980-1986Email Me06/05
Smiley, Wayne BT21980-1982Email Me09/10
Smith, Brian "Smitty" BM31980-1983Email Me10/08
Stigall (Chapman), Teresa OS21980-1982Email Me09/03
Taylor, Roy "Cowboy" MM21980-1983Email Me07/05
Thomas (Bass), Bobbie QM31980-1983Email Me10/08
Thompson (Tarkington), Cindy SN1980-1981Email Me11/10
Zanetti, Gary GMM21980-1983Email Me04/06
Airhart, Scott FC11981-1986Email Me01/05
Barrett, Daniel RMC1981-1985Email Me06/05
Bercia (Hardcastle), Jeanette YN21981-1985Email Me10/06
Biddings, Neil HT31981-1984Email Me02/04
Briseno, Art MM31981-1984Email Me?
Brown, Michael BM31981-1984Email Me06/05
Carr, Paul OS11981-1986Email Me07/10
Carlock, Kris LT1981-1984Email Me06/05
Chapman, Michael EM31981-1983Email Me11/13
Christan, Wayne "Chris" MS11981-1986Email Me08/05
Coley, Ray MMFN1981-1984Email Me10/03
Donaldson, Robb "Squirrel" FTM21981-Email Me06/05
Eldred, Raymond FCC(SW)1981-1986Email Me?
Feather (Keyser), Glenda F. SH31981-1985Email Me11/05
Goessman, Lori SN1981-1983Email Me06/05
Harrison, Gene OS11981-1983Email Me06/03
Heckaman, Tim BT31981-1984Email Me03/09
Herrick , Michael FC11981-1986Email Me06/05
Hinckley, Wayne BT21981-1983Email Me04/07
Hodge, Harris John SM11981-1984Email Me?
Ihrig, Richard BT21981-1983Email Me08/08
Johnson, Christine QM31981-1984Email Me?
Johnson, Stephen FN1981-1985Email Me06/05
Keyser, Joseph L. MM21981-1986Email Me11/05
King, Tim RM31981-1984Email Me?
King, Tyrone "Ty" OS21981-1985Email Me05/08
Kuhlman, Troy QM21981-1984Email Me?
Lacy, Michael J. ET21981-1985Email Me06/06
Lyon, Paul D. OS21981-1986Email Me06/05
Manion, Kathy MS21981-1983Email Me04/12
Moody, Mark MMFN1981-1983Email Me07/03
Moore, Ronnie C. Unknown1981-1982No Address 06/05
Ochse, Traci SN1981-1982Email Me01/11
Pastian, Harold OS31981-1983Email Me06/05
Perteet, Keith OS21981-1983Email Me06/05
Powell, Greg MMFN1981-1985Email Me07/03
Prange, Gus FC11981-1986Email Me?
Robinson, Brad "Robbie" FC21981-1986Email Me12/15
Routh, Stephen FC11981-1985Email Me?
Rozycki, Paul A. HT21981-1983Email Me01/12
Sampson, James BT21981-1985Email Me06/03
Smiley, Wayne BT21981-1982Email Me11/12
Stanis, Kenneth HTC(SW)1981-1984Email Me10/05
Stern, Gary J. SK31981-1985Email Me01/11
Stracener, Mark "STRACY Ol BOY"EN31981-1984Email Me08/05
Taylor, Beth ET31981-1984Email Me11/07
Teem, Steven "Outlaw" BT31981-1983Email Me04/08
White, Larry BTFN1981-1984Email Me02/11
Wolfram, Ron MM31981-1985Email Me05/14
Adams, Robert OSSN1982-1984Email Me06/05
Allen, Craig J. SN1982-1984Email Me06/03
Anderson (West-Wyant), Cynthia SN1982-1984Email Me07/06
Arana Jr., Efrain ET21982-1986Email Me07/15
Bell, Jack R. FC11982-1986Email Me06/05
Belske, Jim MM21982-1985Email Me01/04
Breitstein, Robert (Bob) YN21982-1983Email Me10/14
Carrasco, Matt RM21982-1985Email Me06/03
Chambers, John GMM21982-1986Email Me06/05
Cooley, Rod HT21982-1986Email Me06/05
Cox, Wayne SN1982-1985Email Me01/09
Gudenrath, Richard FTM21982-1984Email Me09/10
Hanno, Donald BMSA1982-1985Email Me10/08
Hanson, Jeffrey W. GMM11982-1984Email Me08/09
Howe, John EN31982-1985Email Me02/08
Inlow, David EN31982-1986Email Me12/04
Kowalski, Norman HT31982-1984Email Me12/14
Laird, David LT1982-1985Email Me06/03
LaPorte, Guy FC11982-1986Email Me09/10
Logan, Dennis D. ET11982-1985Email Me06/03
Major, Joe FC11982-1986Email Me06/05
McDonald, Gordon "Mac" BT21982-1986Email Me12/07
Moore, Patrick E. BM1982-1984Email Me?
Nellis, Greg BT21982-1986Email Me?
Nelson, Stacy SK21982-1986Email Me06/05
Ochse (Chadbourne), Traci SN1982-1983Email Me12/10
Parkman, Mike ET21982-1986Email Me07/12
Phillips, Steve MM1982-1983Email Me08/03
Raichel, David MM31982-1986Email Me06/05
Ray, Eric BM21982-1983Email Me02/11
Rice, Roger J. EN31982-1985Email Me06/05
Roe, Kenneth FC11982-1985Email Me11/03
Rogers (Johnson), Jenny DK31982-1986Email Me04/04
Sadler (Jones), Debra PN21982-1985Email Me04/08
Schuchman, Jerry MS21982-1986Email Me06/03
Schultz, Darrin MMFN1982-1984Email Me06/05
Stalvey, Tommy W. OS11982-1984Email Me?
Watkins, Lloyd EM21982-1986Email Me?
Williams, Terry BT21982-1985Email Me06/05
Wood, Sam OSC1982-1986Email Me02/09
Armbrecht (Greiner), Crystal SH31983-1985Email Me06/05
Arnone (Hernandez), Sharon A. SM1983-1985Email Me02/10
Bennett, Kenneth L. HT21983-1985Email Me06/05
Brown (Smith), Karen FN1983-1985Email Me06/03
Burdett, Bruce A. GMC(SW)1983-1986Email Me?
Burdett (Rice), Mary K. BM31983-1986Email Me06/05
Burland, Jeff GMMC1983-1986Email Me?
Carpenter (Williams), Patsy SN1983-1985Email Me06/05
Carey, Scott BT21983-1986Email Me12/08
Cooper, Bryan ET21983-1986Email Me10/11
Davies, Michael R. BM31983-1985Email Me?
Delaruelle, Ken OS31983-1985Email Me06/05
Douvia, Ronnie GMM21983-1986Email Me06/05
Drooger, Dan QM21983-1986Email Me06/05
Gierum, Thomas EMC(SW)1983-1986Email Me10/10
Harner, Tad A. GMM21983-1986Email Me06/05
Higham, Henry "Jim" E31983-1986Email Me05/10
Holmes, Paula D. SH31983-1984Email Me06/03
Johnson, John EM31983-1986Email Me04/04
Lemon, Gary A. FC11983-1985Email Me?
Luck, Peter YN11983-1986Email Me10/07
Lutes, Lanny BT21983-1986Email Me02/13
Metz (Shields), Debbie SN1983-1985Email Me?
Morrell, James MR21983-1986Email Me?
Mueller, John MS31983-1986Email Me05/05
Porter, Raymond MMCS(SW)1983-1986Email Me03/10
Rivera, A (Mondo) FN1983-1985Email Me03/15
Robertson, Dave BT21983-1986Email Me10/07
Schontzler, Jim SH31983-1986Email Me06/05
Simpson, Tim EM31983-1985Email Me01/09
Tirone, Joseph BM31983-1985Email Me?
Ulrey, Bill SH21983-1986Email Me01/14
Van Pelt, Arnold HT21983-1985Email Me?
Wadhams, Daniel GM21983-1086Email Me09/05
Wiebe, Brenda BM21983-1986Email Me07/16
Abel, Medeles HT31984-1986No Address 09/08
Arroyo, Maribel "YO-YO" RMSN1984-1986Email Me09/11
Cabalo, Victoria EM1984-1986Email Me03/11
Case, Robert M. HT21984-1986Email Me10/03
Chapman, Scott A. HT31984-1986Email Me06/05
Clark, David ET31984-1986Email Me06/05
Clevenger, Sean OS21984-1986Email Me?
Darnell (Wheelwright), Stacy OS31984-1986Email Me06/05
DeBondt (Johnson), Renee PN1(SW)1984-1986Email Me06/05
Durfee (Fulkerson), Debbie SK21984-1986Email Me06/05
Evans (Deemer), Laura MR31984-1985Email Me02/11
Felice, Joe GMM31984-1986Email Me?
Ferdico (Mcvey), Perinne HTSN1984-1986Email Me?
Finnegan, Dan MM11984-1986Email Me3/04
Foster (Conley), Pamela IC21984-1986Email Me?
Garcia, Gabriel MRFN1984-1986Email Me?
Gibbs, Marion QM31984-1986Email Me06/05
Guidry, Berry GMM21984-Email Me07/04
Haire (Chant), Jean RMSN1984-1986Email Me06/05
Hefferman, Jim GMG31984-1986Email Me?
Helter, Jody PN21984-1986Email Me06/05
Martinez (Perez) Victoria j. EM31984-1986Email Me10/10
McQueen (Wormington), Nancy DS21984-1986Email Me03/06
Medeles, Abel HT31984-1986Email Me06/05
Moore, Kimber ENSN1984-1985Email Me11/14
New, Fran FN1984-1985Email Me06/03
Nolan, Kim YN31984-1985Email Me06/04
Proietti (Medina), Maria ENSN1984-1985Email Me03/05
Rendon, Robert FN1984-1986Email Me03/11
Reyes, Ferny E81984-1986Email Me06/05
Risenhoover, Loren BT31984-1986Email Me09/10
Roy (Viola), Paula SN1984-1985Email Me06/05
Sula, Greg ET21984-Email Me03/15
Sullivan (Cooley), Jo-Ann SN1984-1986Email Me06/05
Thomson, Don MM11984-1986Email Me08/13
Travis, George FC21984-1986Email Me07/14
Van Horn, Kari YN31984-1985Email Me?
Weick, Allen BTFN1984-1986Email Me08/14
Williams, Troy EM31984-1986Email Me06/05
Catalano, Chris MMFN1985-1986Email Me06/03
Collins (Andrews), Stephanie EM31985-1986Email Me08/10
Davis, Don BM31985-1986Email Me?
Dickson, Mike IC21985-1986Email Me06/05
Dugan, Christina SN1985-1986Email Me02/04
Early, Dawne MS31985-1986Email Me02/07
Fair, Susan SN1985-1986Email Me?
Fair, Tim BT31985-1986Email Me?
Felice, Joe GMM31985-1986Email Me01/06
Hannink, Gerrit BT31985-1986Email Me02/10
Holdbrook (Ubadiniru), Regina IC31985-1986Email Me07/14
Holland, Dana SN1985-1986Email Me06/11
Kava, Darren MMF1985-1986Email Me07/11
Kramer, Karol HT21985-1986Email Me03/06
Lochner, Jane LTjg1985-1986Email Me05/12
Martin, James OS31985-1986Email Me?
McGinty (Waldron), Brenda HTFN1985-1986Email Me07/03
Medina, Ben GMM21985-1986Email Me04/09
Mead, Scott BTFN1985-1986Email Me?
Meindl (Reed), Melinda SN1985-1986Email Me03/09
Miller (Torres), Courtney SN1985-1986Email Me01/06
Minichini (Dowty), Lisa SN1985-1986Email Me?
Ramos, Jair A. SN1985-1986Email Me05/08
Scott, Larry FC31985-1986Email Me07/09
Stimpson, Daniel ET31985-1986Email Me06/05
Tobey, Jerry MMFN1985-1986Email Me06/05
Adam, Jaunita E41986-Email Me01/08
Chant, Bob SN1986-Email Me12/04
Luckey, Milton SA1986-Email Me07/03
Matricia (Hoffman), Lucinda PC31986-Email Me02/04
Poland, Dente FC21986-Email Me06/05
Aaron, Herman S. ??-Deceased08/05
Castle, Howard William E5-Email Me06/09
Drake, Bret MM2-Email Me?
Eneix, Scott "Speck" E2-Email Me10/08
Flint, Kirk A. SKC-No Address ?
Hannink, Gerrit BTC-No Address ?
Huete, Sr., Charles S. ??-Email Me11/08
Nicholls, P. A. Unknown-No Address ?
Patrick, George E7-Email Me?
Parker, Charles L. HTCS-Email Me?
Strelow, Frank SN-No Address ?
Wallace, Mike MM2-Email Me?
Wendt, Ray ??-Deceased?
Roberts, Michael E4-Email Me02/17
Total Shipmates Registered:928

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